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De La Salle - Canlubang
Housing Accomodation Fact Sheet


Most of the houses surveyed are located within 2 kilometers of the campus and are easily accessible by bicycle as well as public transport, i.e. tricycle. The houses are close to local amenities, sports centres, market, and fast food centers.


Copyright. 2004 De La Salle - Canlubang

This document is advisory in nature, is comprehensive according to the best efforts of the surveyor as of the date indicated and shall not be construed as a specific endorsement of the Housing Accommodation herein described. Any future changes on the Accommodation are NEITHER contemplated NOR represented herein. No warranty, whether expressed or implied, as to the character of the House Owner, Manager, or Actual Occupants, is made. Due prudence is suggested on the actual choice of the suitable Accommodation.